Paying attention to authenticity

"We support Slow Food Trentino because it enhances historical niche products."

We pay homage to maximum attention to raw materials, because we believe the synergy between producers and chefs makes the difference in a dish. The Bòtiro (farmhouse butter) from Primiero with its intense straw yellow that accompanies some of our appetizers, was noted back in the time of Venice the Serenissima as the best quality due to the floral richness of the alpine pastures. Since we are on the Cheese Route of the Dolomites, we love to showcase the artisanal dairy products of our valleys, such as Tosèla and Trentingrana. Among the various typical cured meats in our mountainous region, the smoked Luganega is certainly the most characteristic Trentino sausage, with small sausages joined together in chains even meters long. In short, if you want to get to know the foodie soul of Trentino, you are in the right place!